Pulling punches

Ferris wheel outside Taj Mahal casino
Big Wheel, Atlantic City

Susan Sarandon playing the role of trainee croupier, Sally, is confronted by her back story when her estranged husband lands like a bad penny. He's not sorry for anything he’s done, but why mess around with her kid sister? Sally would tell Dave to take a hike 'cos she doesn’t need his shit, but her pregnant sister begs: please…please! Dave was bad news but when she’s given her heart don’t go breaking it, asshole!

I took quite a few trips from Philly to Atlantic City. On one occasion, we spent most of the ride down there in an argument. You know one of those ones where it just goes round and round because there is no agreement when I don’t yield. Sometimes I don’t give way.

I feel like an acrobat performing a decorative assault with the advantage of looking both ways before leaping. Stepping backwards, springing forward then landing on my feet. I’ve a lucky knack for that. Hoist the flag from the big top and it will read: you know I cared, but never loved. I don’t mean to hurt you. It’s not personal.

Sally punches Dave in the gut but it hurts her hand.