Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Rachel Blau DuPlessis is the author of the long poem Drafts, begun in 1986, and collected most recently in two books published by Salt Publishing: Pitch: Drafts 77–95 (2010) and The Collage Poems of Drafts (2011).  Other volumes include Torques: Drafts –76 (Salt Publishing, 2007) as well as Drafts 1–38, Toll  (Wesleyan University Press., 2001) and Drafts  39–57, Pledge, with Draft unnnumbered: Précis (Salt Publishing, 2004). Her forthcoming critical book (2012) is Purple Passages: Pound, Eliot, Zukofsky, Olson, Creeley and the Ends of Patriarchal Poetry from University of Iowa Press. In 2006, two books of her innovative essays were published: Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work (2006), and the ground-breaking The Pink Guitar: Writing as Feminist Practice ([1990] 2006), both from University of Alabama Press.  She has written several other critical books and coedited three anthologies as well as editing The Selected Letters of George Oppen (1990). Her work in poetry and criticism has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian. Her websites are  http://rachelblauduplessis.com as well as http://wings.buffalo.edu/epc/authors/duplessis.