Leonard Schwartz

Leonard Schwartz's books of poetry include At Element (forthcoming November 20011 from Talisman House), A Message Back and Other Furors (2008, Chax Press), and The Library of Seven Readings (Ugly Duckling Presse). About At Element Cole Swensen writes: “As Schwartz posits in his introduction, true nature poetry is not that which stands outside nature and addresses it, but that which recognizes that we speak, always and inevitably, from within it. Acting upon this insight, he has created a nature poetry that up-ends all previous understandings of the term through an engagement with language that underscores it as an act of nature. Full of startling observations and illuminating non-sequiturs, At Element is composed of disarmingly simple assertions that build into complex, irreducible, and unparaphrasable towers of idea and impression.”