Thomas Devaney

Thomas Devaney is the author of The Picture That Remains (The Print Center, Philadelphia, 2014), A Series of Small Boxes (Fish Drum, 2007), The American Pragmatist Fell in Love (Banshee Press, 1999), and the nonfiction book Letters to Ernesto Neto (Germ Folios, 2005). 

Active in various areas of the arts, Devaney is known for his collaborations with organizations such as the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, including “New Invisible Cities,” for The Puppet Show (2008); “Tales from the 215,” for Zoe Strauss’s Philadelphia Freedom (2006); and the participant-performance project “The Empty House” at the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, for The Big Nothing (2004). Other projects include “Dead Tired: Sleep Text” with Patty Chang at Momenta Art (2011) and poems written for Common Ground: Eight Philadelphia Photographers in the 1960s and 1970s at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (2009).

From 2001 to 2005 he was the program coordinator of the Kelly Writers House. Devaney  is the editor of ONandOnScreen and he teaches at Haverford College.

Photo by David Kelley.