Scott Weintraub

Scott Weintraub (PhD, Emory University, 2006) is an assistant professor of Hispanic studies at the University of New Hampshire. His research and teaching focus on Latin American literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with a particular emphasis on Chilean poetry, literary theory and cultural studies, and digital humanities, as well as the multiple links between literature, philosophy, science, and technology. He is the author of two books on Chilean poet Juan Luis Martínez: La última broma de Juan Luis Martínez: ‘No sólo ser otro sino escribir la obra de otro’ (Juan Luis Martínez’s Final Trick: Not Only Being Other But Also Writing the Other’s Work) (Santiago: Cuarto Propio, 2014) and Juan Luis Martínez’s Philosophical Poetics (Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2014). He has published articles in numerous journals in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe, and has edited an ebook on Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro (with Luis Correa-Díaz; Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press Hispanic Issues On Line, 2010) as well as a book on digital poetry in Latin America (with Luis Correa-Díaz; Bogotá: Ediciones Universidad Central, 2015). Weintraub has also edited special issues of, and dossiers in, several academic journals in the United States, Chile, and Norway about such topics as the problematic relationship between literature and philosophy in Spain and Latin America, the literary and scientific figure of the membrane, avant-garde poetry, and electronic literature in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.