Raphael Rubinstein

Raphael Rubinstein is the author of The Miraculous (Paper Monument, 2014), A Geniza (Granary Books, 2015), and recent monographs on Guillermo Kuitca (Lund Humphries, 2020) and Albert Oehlen (Hetzler, Nahmad, Holzwarth, 2020). In 2018, he and his wife Heather Rubinstein cocurated Under Erasure, an exhibition of artists and writers at Pierogi Gallery, New York. His column The Miraculous: New York appears regularly in the The Brooklyn Rail. Since 2008 he has been a professor of critical studies at the University of Houston School of Art. “Varieties of silence, and near silence” is taken from his recently completed manuscript Libraries of Sand, a hybrid book (novel-biographical study-bibliographic memoir) around Edmond Jabès.