Michael Cross

Michael Cross is the author of In Felt Treeling: A Libretto (Chax Press, 2008), Haecceities (Cuneiform Press, 2010), and The Katechon: Book One (Compline, 2018) (which is available from Small Press Distribution for the price of shipping); additionally, he edited the volumes Involuntary Vision: After Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (Avenue B, 2003) and The George Oppen Memorial Lectures (National Poetry Foundation, forthcoming), and he is currently editing a volume of Leslie Scalapino’s uncollected “critical” writing. He coedits ON: Contemporary Practice with Thom Donovan and runs a fiercely independent poetry press called Compline. He teaches English and Literature at Skyline College and lives in Oakland with a menagerie of human and nonhuman animals. 

A Prolegomena to Process Poetics