Hazel Smith

Hazel Smith is a writer, performer, and new media artist. She has published two volumes of poetry, Abstractly Represented and Keys Round Her Tongue, three CDs of performance work, and numerous new media works. Her volume of poetry with CD Rom, The Erotics of Geography, was published by Tinfish Press in 2007. Hazel is also a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Creative Communication, University of Canberra, and a member of the Sonic Communications Research Group. She is author of The Writing Experiment: strategies for innovative creative writing (Allen and Unwin, 2005) and Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O’Hara: difference, homosexuality, topography (Liverpool University Press, 2000); she is also coauthor of Improvisation, Hypermedia And The Arts Since 1945 (Harwood Academic, 1997).