C. R. Grimmer

C. R. Grimmer, who also goes by Chelsea Grimmer and uses she/her and they/them pronouns interchangeably, is a poet, scholar, and lecturer at the University of Washington Seattle and Bothell campuses. Recently, they completed their PhD in literature and cultural studies and were supported by the Simpson Center for the Humanities’s Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship. C. R. created and hosts The Poetry Vlog, has poems in journals such as Poetry Magazine, FENCE Magazine, and [PANK], and has published articles in journals such as The Comparatist. Their book, O–(ezekiel’s wife), is available from GASHER Journal and Press in collaboration with novelist and visual artist Colleen Burner (for the print edition) and DX artist and scholar Judy Twedt (for the audio edition). Their current scholarly book project, Poetry as Public Scholarship: Activist Poetics in the Time of Social Media, combines research analysis and practitioner discourses to examine the relationships between racial capitalism, popularized poetry, digital humanities’ social engagement, and public scholarship methods.