Anna Couani

Anna Couani, born in Sydney in 1948, is an experimental writer of prose and poetry who was involved in small press publishing and writers’ groups from 1975 till 1992. She was a founding member of the long-running No Regrets Women Writers Workshop. She has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. Collections of her work include: Italy (Rigmarole Books, 1977), Were All Women Sex-mad? (Rigmarole Books, 1982), The Train (Sea Cruise Books, 1983), and The Harbour Breathes with photomonteur Peter Lyssiotis (Sea Cruise Books and Masterthief, 1989). Her serial novel, The Western Horizon, was published in HEAT magazine in the late ’90s. Her most recent book of poetry is Small Wonders (Flying Islands Books, 2012) with translations in Chinese and artwork by Sou Vai Keng. She taught Art at secondary school level from 1972 until 2004, spending 20 years in Intensive English Centres, and she is currently a full time ESL teacher in a Sydney secondary school. She has degrees in Architecture, Art teaching and TESOL. Some of her work is available for download from her website.

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