Luis Fernando Chueca

The subterranean baroque of Roger Santiváñez

Photo of Roger Santiváñez by Mito Tumi, via Wikimedia Commons.

This portfolio brings together writing by Peruvian poet Roger Santiváñez’s beginning in the mid-1980s and into the early 1990s, or from his book Homenaje para iniciados to his 1991 book Symbol.

Political violence in 'The War with Chile'

Translated by Judah Rubin

Mariano Mantel, “En el caos urbano,” Lima, Peru, via Flickr.

Translator’s note: Luis Fernando Chueca’s essay was originally published as “Violencia política, nación peruana y poesía en ‘La guerra con Chile’ de Roger Santiváñez” in Góngora & Argot: Ensayos sobre la poesía de Roger Santiváñez, an anthology edited by Paul Guillén and published in July 2015 by Collages de aleWendorff. It has been edited lightly for publication in Jacket2 and appears here in translation for the first time. — Judah Rubin

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