Vanessa Place

Vanessa Place is the author of Dies: A Sentence, La Medusa, Notes on Conceptualisms (with Robert Fitterman), The Guilt Project: Rape, Morality and Law, and Tragodía 1: Statement of Facts. Place is codirector of Les Figues Press with Teresa Carmody, and a regular contributor to X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly and The Constant Critic. Her most recent work is available in French by éditions è®e as Exposé des Faits. Tragodía 2: Statement of the Case and 3: Argument are forthcoming from Blanc Press. She is currently working on a series called the Boycott project, the first of which is published in P-Queue, a durational project in which she Tweets Gone With the Wind in its entirety. For Futurepoem’s 2010/2011 Poetry Contest, her entry was the entire Wikipedia entry for “Poetry.” 

You can listen to a variety of recent recordings by Place on her PennSound author page.