Maureen Owen at Ear Inn in 1978

Maureen Owen at the Ear Inn in 1978

Recently Anna Zalokostas listened to a recording of Maureen Owen’s Segue Series reading at the Ear Inn in New York, which took place on December 9, 1978, and then segmented the whole recording into the introductory comment and individual poems. We are delighted to find among these poems a wonderful address to Charles Reznikoff and the tiny, brilliant “The Origin of Haiku.” The complete recording can be heard here, and is of course linked, as are the segments, to PennSound's Maureen Owen author page.  Her “Notes on Publishing” appeared in Jacket issue 10, in 2000.

  1. introductory comments (0:55): MP3
  2. Coco in the Freezer (0:57): MP3
  3. To Charles Reznikoff (2:08): MP3
  4. Soaring (0:28): MP3
  5. The Airplane Story (3:54): MP3
  6. Aviation (0:13): MP3
  7. In the air (2:19): MP3
  8. A Heart That's Been Broken (1:07): MP3
  9. Postscript to the Rest of My Life (1:02): MP3
  10. The Bed of Tulips and the Electric Firefly (2:53): MP3
  11. These Are Cottonwoods (2:49): MP3
  12. The Kidnapping (0:34): MP3
  13. The Origin of Haiku (0:13): MP3
  14. The Merry-Go-Round (0:19): MP3