Kaufman's 'Abomunist Manifesto'

 Al Filreis, Lily Applebaum, and Jake Marmer discuss two sections of Bob Kaufman’s Abomunist Manifesto (1960). The discussion was filmed on location — on a stoop along Bob Kaufman Alley in North Beach, San Francisco. The two poems discussed are “Abomunist Craxioms” and “Abomunist Election Manifesto.” The filming was done in October 2016. On the same day, the three did a walk-’n-talk close reading of “Poem” by ruth weiss — outside the Cafe Trieste and in Washington Square Park, also in North Beach; this was filmed too. Related to this is a video clip from a ModPo live interactive webcast in which a group discusses Kaufman's proud identity as a "beatnik." Here, just below, is the text of "Abomunus Crazioms."