David Antin talks improvisationally about Freud's case against plot

David Antin discusses Freud and narrative at the Kelly Writers House on February 16, 2010. To view a video recording of the entire event, click here. For more information, consult the Writers House web calendar entry. The full title of the talk was “Rethinking Freud – Taking Freud out of Psychoanalysis.” David Antin is a poet, performance artist, art and literary critic internationally known for his “talk pieces” — improvisational blends of comedy, story and social commentary that critics have described as “a cross between Lenny Bruce and Ludwig Wittgenstein” or alternately as “a blend of Mark Twain and Gertrude Stein.” New Directions has published three books of these “talk pieces” – Talking at the Boundaries (1976), Tuning (1984), and What it Means to Be Avant-Garde (1993). Tuning was awarded the prize for poetry for 1984 by the PEN Center of Los Angeles. Much of his earlier work was collected in Selected Poems 1963-1973 published by Sun and Moon Press in 1991.