Jacques Roubaud

A slowing 9: Necessary unsayability (or: what the poetic makes)

Image: looking back is for the birds (detail), 2012 by Jennifer Wroblewski

At some point, yesterday or long ago, you read a poem and something happened to you: and you thought, or you didn’t quite think: yes. And this affirmative recognized a need, or a touch, or more precisely an answer to a question you hadn't even asked. The question hadn’t existed until the work appeared to create it, opening that space, revealing a gap.

Claude Royet-Journoud, Jacques Roubaud, & Anne Portugal: videos

filmed by François Sarhan, Paris, 2012

Claude Royet-Journound
Royet-Journoud reads "A la ressemblance des bêtes" from Théorie des prépositions, P.O.L, 2007
"Kardia," Eric Pesty éditeur, 2009
"Asservissement de l'air à son vacarme," A la Pension Victoria, 2011

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