Charles Bernstein

'Reznikoff's Nearness'

Recording of 1989 Royaumont talk, intro Hocquard, tr. Alferi

Bernstein Optic Nerves videos

photo by Colin Still

In November, Colin Still filmed me reading several poems and interviewed me about the poems, as part of his Optic Nerve series on poets, including Amiri Baraka, Robert Creeley, and Jerome Rothenberg.

Lev Rubinstein

photo by Charles Bernstein / PennSound

It was a delight to hear Moscow poet Lev Rubinstein read last night at Hunter College, with translations from the UDP collectionCompleat Catalogue of Comedic Novelties, which includes the complete set of his works composed (in sequence) on small library catalog cards. Matvei Yankelevich read the translations.

Sean Bonney (1969–2019) by William Rowe

photo: Sophie Robinson, November 2012

Sean Bonney, one of the finest UK poets of our time, died in Berlin on 13th November 2019. His work comprises seven major books and a series of pamphlets; it includes some of the most vital writing in the language today. He pushed at the limits of poetry, creating new forms in each single book. No other contemporary work destroys so thoroughly the universe of resurgent fascism.

University College Dublin: reading and conversation

My reading and conversation at University College Dublin on Dec. 2, 2019

Conversation with João Paulo Guimarães, introduced by Ian Davidson: