Anne Tardos

Excerpts from 'Undulations' 2020–2021

[Anne Tardos’s forthcoming book, Undulations, collects poems written from 2020 to 2021. Composed in journal format, it chronicles our global crisis years with poems varying in form and content. Her language and imagery speak to the grueling conditions and fascinations of our time. The book’s focus, morphing from subject to subject, is an interpolation of political and scientific news, developments in astrophysics, and what seems to be a permanent threat from COVID.

Lila Zemborain's 9/11 poem: a video

Lila Zemborain and Lorenzo Bueno read from Rasgado/Torn, Zemborain’s 9/11 poem, recorded in 2021. Rasgado (Buenos Aires: Tse-Tse, 2006) is a poetic diary written by Lila Zemborain one year after 9/11. Lorenzo Bueno, her son, is the translator of the book. Additional translation by Rosa Alcala. The reading, presented by Rebel Road, was recorded in New York on August 25, 2021, twenty years after 9/11.

Jerome and Diane Rothenberg

'A Book of the Book,' a gathering of fragments for Steve Clay's seventieth birthday 8.ix.2021

A book in movement

never stands still.




And in the mind

a book

rewrites itself

letter by letter.

'Content's Dream': Essays 1975–1984 — digital edition

cover by Susan Bee

First digital edition (pdf) of Content’s Dream: Essays 1975–1984. PDF ($8) available here. 

Stuart Cooke and Peter Denney

from their introduction to 'Transcultural Ecocriticism'

[First published by Bloomsbury Academic in Great Britain 2021]

Thinking about Transcultural Ecocriticism: Space, Scale, and Translation