Rosmarie Waldrop on Edmond Jabes

Rosmarie Waldrop discusses her translations of the Egyptian-Jewish poet Edmond Jabes as well as her own poetry in Another Language (Talisman House). The discussion took place on January 26, 2004, in an episode of the radio program, "Cross Cultural Poetics" — number 14 in the series that is now 237 episodes long — hosted by Leonard Schwartz.

  1. introduction by Leonard Schwartz (1:05): MP3
  2. discussing Edmond Jabès and Judaism (5:00): MP3
  3. Jabès and experience with persecution (1:49): MP3
  4. "At the Threshold of the Book," from The Book of Questions (3:59): MP3
  5. Schwartz reading from Section 5 of The Book of Questions, and Jabès' idea of the "book" (2:53): MP3
  6. Derrida's view of Jabès (1:14): MP3
  7. Waldrop's relationship with Jabès (2:34): MP3
  8. discussing A Key Into the Language of America (3:38): MP3
  9. Chapter 23: On Marriage (1:54): MP3
  10. Final Chapter: On Death and Burial (2:51): MP3
  11. Waldrop discusses her current work (2:17): MP3