Ron Silliman introduces Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Ron Silliman introduces Rachel Blau DuPlessis at the Kelly Writers House on September 25, 2013. The event was a celebration of the new (and apparently final) book of Drafts, DuPlessis's long poem: Surge: Drafts: 96-114.  Drafts was begun in 1986. Transcending poetic schools and binaries in poetics with an odic verve and analytic intensity, Surge is the provocative, open-ended ending to Drafts, DuPlessis’s twenty-six year project in the long poem. During the reading that followed Silliman's introduction, DuPlessis read, among other poems, the final section of Drafts, number 114. Earlier she read a short poem, “Letter 8,” from her new project, Interstices. Here is a link to a video recording of her reading of “Letter 8.”