New at PennSound


Here is news from PennSound. We have now added a Bob Kaufman page here, and we are grateful to the estate of Bob Kaufman for permission to make these recordings available. Be sure to listen to the recording of Kaufman reciting his poem “Suicide.” We have posted a new recording by Daphne Marlatt; this is the final poem (or penultimate, depending on which edition you use) of the great book Steveston. The poem we’ve just added is the title poem, “Steveston, B.C.” Daphne herself made the recording recently for us. The earliest Daphne Marlatt entry on her author page at PennSound dates from 1985. This was a reading presented at the Kootenay School in Vancouver. Bill Bisset gave us an untitled home recording recently (dated May 22, 2021); its just under two minutes, so have a listen. “These are very dark nights,” Bissett begins. By the way, the earliest Bissett recording (seventeen minutes long) comes from the Robert Creeley collection of tapes he gave us. The introduction to this radio 1978 reading includes comments on the Canada Council controversary of that time. Jerome Rothenberg and Ariel Resnikoff came together recently a gave a reading, and it too has been added (here). Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué’s PennSound page is extensive by this point. New is a reading dated October 7, 2020, mostly from his book Losing Miami. You’ll find a good deal of new recordings on our Tyrone Williams page. New stuff there but also an MLA Offsite Reading performance dating back to 2006.

John Richetti has added to his collection of readings of Walt Whiman poems here, including Song of Myself in its entirety. We also feature now for the first time a WBAI radio recording of Adrienne Rich reading from “Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law” and other poems. Were not sure why it took so long, but weve finally added both video and audio recordings of a reading given in September 2019 at the Kelly Writers House by Airea Matthews and Lauren Mullen. Go to our Mullen page for that and much more.