Mei-mei Berssenbrugge in April 2019

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge at the Writers House, April 2019

We at PennSound have now segmented presentations made by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge during her visit as a Kelly Writers House Fellow in April 2019. The Kelly Writers House calendar entry can be found HERE. The video recording of her reading can be watched HERE. A one-hour interview/conversation with Berssenbrugge, moderated by Al Filreis, can be found HERE; an audio-only recording of the conversation is HERE. And now, thanks to Weston Matthews of the PennSound staff, we offer segmented audio of both programs.

Here is the reading:

  1. Introduction (7:28): MP3
  2. Student Introduction (5:14): MP3
  3. Irises (4:42): MP3
  4. Concordance (7:51): MP3
  5. Hello, The Roses (7:10): MP3
  6. Star Beings (6:55): MP3
  7. Lux (7:40): MP3
  8. Chaco and Olivia (9:42): MP3

Here is the interview/conversation:

  1. on writing "DJ Frogs" (3:17): MP3
  2. on the importance of darkness (1:26): -mportance-of-darkness_Brunch-Program_KWH-UPenn_3-26-2019.mp3">MP3
  3. on intersubjectivity and science (10:02): MP3
  4. on stars in literature (2:27): MP3
  5. on writing "Four Year-Old Girl" (9:07): MP3
  6. reading of "Four Year-Old Girl" (1:56): MP3
  7. on aphorisms (3:35): MP3
  8. on syntax and line structure (3:00):  MP3
  9. on poetic influences (2:01): MP3
  10. on classical literature (3:18): MP3
  11. on photography (1:36): MP3
  12. on the definition of time (2:56): MP3
  13. on research and pattern (5:44): MP3
  14. reading of "Slow Down Now" (4:01): MP3