Paul Blackburn on the 1960 World Series

Paul Blackburn performed his poem “7th Game : 1960 Series,” written in 1960, on or near the first day of the 1971 baseball season, during a reading he gave at SUNY Cortland. The poem was later republished in Blackburn’s Collected Poems [PDF]. The New York Yankees (Blackburn’s team) were heavy favorites in their series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and vastly outscored the underdogs in the seven games. But the Pirates won on a home run by a light-hitting second baseman in the final at bat of the final game (what we know call a “walk off”). As Blackburn introduces the poem, his audiences laughs; listeners to the audio-only recording now might be confused by this. I’m guessing that Blackburn had just put on his Yankee cap.