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Twenty-six items from Special Collections

Twenty-six items from Special Collections (b)

Exhibit 'B': Finnish.

Exhibit 'B': Finnish. ("Elk and Snake" ["Hirvi ja Käärme"], sung by Oute, collected by A.A. Borenius, 1877; and "The Great Pig" ["Iso Sika"], singer unknown, collected by A. Ahlqvist, 1854)

Bibliography: Finnish Folk Poetry: Epic, edited and translated by Matti Kuusi, Keith Bosley, and Michael Branch (Finnish Literature Society, 1977). The two poems exhibited here are on pages 276 and 269–70, respectively. The book includes the Finnish originals in left-hand columns; English on the right. Expensive book, heavy as a stone.

Twenty-six items from Special Collections

Exhibit 'A': Swahili.

Exhibit 'A': Swahili. (Ahmad Nassir bin Juma Bhalo, "A bone is not cookable," and "Though you toast the popcorn")

Bibliography: Poems from Kenya: Gnomic Verses in Swahili by Ahmad Nassir bin Juma Bhalo, translated and edited by Lyndon Harries (University of Wisconsin Press, 1966). ¶ The front flap of the dust jacket includes a picture of the poet. He looks about thirty. The book includes the Swahili originals en face.

Two poems: "A Bone Is Not Cookable" ["Haupikiki Mfupa"], page 24 ff., and "Though You Toast the Popcorn" ["Mungazikaanga Bisi"], page 126 ff.