Al Filreis

David Bromige: two new readings

David Bromiges reading for A. L. Nielsen’s Incognito Lounge, at UC Berkeley, on May 23, 1989, has now been segmented (by PennSound staff editor Luisa Healey). Here is the whole recording, and here are the segments:

Rodney Koeneke's 2004 Segue reading

Thanks to the efforts of PennSound staffer Luisa Healey, we are now making available segmented (poem-by-poem) recordings of Rodney Koeneke’s Segue Series reading, given at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City on November 6, 2004. 

  1. Introduction (5:27): MP3
  2. Opening Remarks (3:35): MP3
  3. #16 “Excavate the Mexican game-show host …” from Rouge State (1:45): MP3
  4. #17 “Eric the red on kickapoo juice …” from Rouge State (1:17): MP3
  5. #2 “Caravansaries cavorting invite too-hot desires … from Rouge State (2:37): MP3
  6. How to find safe passage …” from Rouge State (2:08): MP3
  7. “Space then is time …” from Rouge State (1:32): MP3
  8. Save it for the Clam from On the Clamways (1:54): MP3
  9. Houston, We Have a Clam Problem from On the Clamways (0:31): MP3

Erin Moure at the Kootenay School of Writing, 2007 — now segmented at PennSound

Thanks to the careful work of PennSound staffer Luisa Healey, Erin Moure’s PennSound page now includes a segmented (by poem and discussion topic) audio recording of Erin’s 2007 reading at the Kootenay School of Writing in Vancouver. Here, for instance, is a six-minute segment on noise and access.

    1. Introduction to O Cidadan (3:01): MP3
    2. Document 15 [from O Cidadan] (2:55): MP3
    3. Document 16 [from O Cidadan] (1:10): MP3
    4. Hazard Non [from O Cidadan] (0:56): MP3
    5. Georgette [from O Cidadan] (0:31): MP3
    6. Document 17 [from O Cidadan] (1:22): MP3
    7. Discussion of O Cidadan and its relation to the discourse of terrorism (3:38): MP3
    8. Introduction to Little Theatres (1:26):MP3

Monastiraki in Montreal

One of the real delights of my recent visit to Montreal: visiting Monastiraki and meeting Billy Mavreas. Above is a photo of Billy in the shop. The offer fine prints, art and gig posters, small press, zines, and art objects by some of Montreal’s most unique artists. Overflowing with paper ephemera and vintage found treasures, the space is an assemblage of things Billy and his colleagues love. The shop has been very supportive of the community of experimental poets.

Close reading of two poems by Harryette Mullen (video)

Left to right: Lily Applebaum, Dave Poplar, Al Filreis, Camara Brown

Here is a link to an edited/condensed version of our original thirty-three-minute ModPo video featuring a close reading of two poems from Harryette Mullen’s Sleeping with the Dictionary. It has been added to the main syllabus of ModPo, the free, open, noncredit online course on modern and contemporary US poetry.