Commentaries - December 2017

Poetics of haunting: a writing prompt

The Corentyne River at Khan’s Saw Mill

When thinking about haunting or being haunted, most remember moments of power outages and makeshift light — whether by torch or by fire. Haunting, as we will see, can also be something, a form or subject matter, that you find yourself returning to often. Do you ever finish writing a poem and think, I can’t believe that I’m writing about my ex again. What is it about that relationship that brings me back?

Polish Journal for American Studies on Innovation in American Poetry.

Kaper Bartczak and Małgorzata Myk edited this issue on American poetry for the Polish Journal of American Studies: Ashbery, Peter Gizzi, Eileen Myles, Susan Howe / David Grubbs, Schuyler, Rankine, Christian Bök, McCaffery. Full text here.

Jacket2's January 2018 reading period

Photo by Amanda Silberling.
Photo by Amanda Silberling.

Jacket2 welcomes unsolicited queries during the month of January 2018.

Jacket2 welcomes unsolicited queries during the month of January 2018. We are especially (though not exclusively) interested in queries of the following kinds:

— Reviews of recent poetics criticism and theory

— Reviews of recent anthologies of poetry, poetics, and criticism

— Reviews and articles devoted to poets and poetries outside the US

— Reviews, articles, or essays that put texts, authors, movements in conversation

— Coauthored reviews or essays