Commentaries - January 2017

'in a reasonably graceful celluloid manner'

The measured movement of Julia Allen

Julia Allen as Lulu in the Frank Wedekind play; the Free Theatre, Christchurch
Julia Allen as Lulu in the Frank Wedekind play, directed by Peter Falkenberg for the Free Theatre, Christchurch, May 1986.

In July 2003 the late John O’Connor, an essential figure in the Cantabrian poetry scene in which Julia Allen was prominent, suggested that: 

the work of a number of otherwise diverse and nationally and/or internationally linked poets shared enough of the following characteristics to identify their work as coming from Christchurch: 

Pitch of Poetry

cover photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald

University of Chicago Press, Spring 2016 (352 pages |  6 x 9) 

Praised in recent years as a “calculating, improvisatory, essential poet” by Daisy Fried in the New York Times, Charles Bernstein is a leading voice in American literary theory. Pitch of Poetry is his irreverent guide to modernist and contemporary poetics.

Counterpath community garden year one

Growing food/giving it away

In 2009, Tim Roberts and I opened Counterpath Gallery in downtown Denver in order to expand what we’d been doing as publishers of Counterpath Press. For four years we hosted readings, film screenings, installation and digital work, dance and performance, lectures, and workshops — often up to three events per week. In 2015, we lost our original space, and then, through the nonprofit Counterpath, we purchased and converted an automotive garage with a surrounding plot of land. When we opened our new doors in 2016 it was with a transformed idea for what we wanted Counterpath to be.