Commentaries - October 2014

L=A=N-G=U=A=G=E Lines, ed Andrews & Bernstein (1988): free pdf

L=A=N-G=U=A=G=E Lines 

edited by
Bruce Andrews and Charles Bernstein

Foreman and Morris at Zinc opening 36th season

photo ©2014 Charles Bernstien / PennSound

Old-Fashioned Prosistutes (43:35) MP3
Foreman read the full script of his recent play at NY's Public Theater.

Architectural Digest: Vancouver edition

image from Union Gospel Mission’s Twitter feed

Last week the City of Vancouver applied to the B.C. Supreme Court for an injunction to dismantle the tent city at Oppenheimer Park, claiming concern over wet weather conditions. Despite the offer of shelter beds, many protesters are refusing to leave. Vancouver Parks Board lawyer Ben Parkin says “I’m not sure what more the city could do to create an orderly transition. We’ve provided shelter spaces, we’ve provided transportation.” But tent city residents are protesting Vancouver’s dwindling stock of affordable housing as well as the City's lack of comprehensive housing strategies, and shelter spaces are a temporary fix, a stopgap measure.

In this commentary I want to look at the City’s injunction against Oppenheimer Park tent city, an impermanent architecture, in relation to two poetic texts that contemplate the built environment: Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office of Soft Architecture(Clear Cut Press 2003; Coach House Books, 2006 & 2010) and Thursdays Writing Collective’s The Stanza Project (Otter Press, 2013), edited by Elee Kraljii Gardiner.

Robert Grenier, CAMBRIDGE, M'ASS (reissue)

Convolution has just reissued this great 1979 poster, that should have won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and gotten Grenier a MacArthur too.  But it didn't work out that way. Robert Grenier’s poster-poem-map, originally printed by Lyn Hejinian’s Tuumba Press in 1979. 500 copies. 40”x 49”. Comes rolled in a tube. A steal at $30. It is ready to ship. Don't miss it this time around. Order here.

Là-Bas: A newsletter of experimental poetry and poetics (1976–78), ed. Douglas Messerli: Free pdfs of series

From Green Integer

#1 Brian Swann, Paul Metcalf, Ron Loewinsohn, Walter Lowenfels, Guy R. Beining, Tom Weatherly: pdf