Commentaries - September 2008

Blog tail wags newspaper dog

I’ve been reading often and widely on McCain’s rhetorical strategic switcheroo (he drops the experience claim after picking Palin) and his tightrope-walking on change (he’s ninety percent the same as Bush but avoids all mention of the Prez and claims that he would bring everything New New New New to government). Blogs several times per day.

Anti-intellectualism & its contents

William Carlos Williams' misunderstood, overused mantra, "No ideas but in things," succeeded in mobilizing the young modernist and later post-modernist base (to use the election-se

Few peers among rats

Dennis Drabelle has published a review of Counter-Revolution of the Word. Here are two excerpts:

A course about itself

This fall I'm teaching my favorite course — a crazily fast-paced survey of modern and contemporary American poetry.