Commentaries - May 2008

The leaded word

A few years back we bought three letterpresses along with friends in Fine Arts and Rare Books.

Beware the art student at war for wrong reasons

Oh conventional, well-adjusted American students of art, thwart your attraction to Gauguin, don't sign up for a Pacific troop transport and fight World War II for the wrong (name

On imagism

"The metaphor and the adjective are nuisance stumbling blocks to perception."

— Edward Dahlberg, writing about Ezra Pound in a review of The Letters of Ezra Pound for Tomorrow magazine in 1951; reprinted in Samuel Beckett's Wake and Other Uncollected Prose, ed. Steven Moore

Makes you so sick at heart

My earlier entry on Mario Savio's great speech delivered impromptu on the steps of Sproul Hall received such a positive response that I decided to link a YouTube video here.