Commentaries - September 2007

Wailing wall of sound

I've just read a pre-publication draft of an essay by Maria Damon on the creative world/work of Jewish-Canadian feminist KaI've j

Description without any sense of place — which (thus) conveys a keen sense of it

Wallace Stevens' "Description without Place" was a very odd choice of poem to compose for and deliver at the Phi Beta Kappa ceremony at Harvard in 1946.


Fidget is Kenny Goldsmith's transcription of every movement made by his body during thirteen hours on Bloomsday (June 16) in 1997.

The Mississippi Project

I'll have more to say about The Mississippi Project in a later posting.I'll have more to say about

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  • A poetics must be devised to rise above scream & silence

    Jerome Rothenberg's statement for Contemporary Poets (5th edition, 1991, pp.