Poetics List

Poetics List (1993-2014)

I started the Poetics List in late 1993, just after I came to Buffalo and co-founded the Poetics Program and a little while before the founding of the Electronic Poetry Center. When the list began, a email-based discussion group was a radically new format. There was no web interface and no way to filter messages. Emails were read and written via on-line ascii systems. During the first six years of the list, a deep and wide ranging discussion developed among the few hundred of us actively participating. I asked that the list address not be publicized so that we could keep the discussion to those with shared interests and that the list not become a general interest poetry forum. Much of the spirit of the early list was captured by Joel Kuszai, who edited Poetics@, for which I wrote the introduction. This ROOF book is available free in as epubmobi, or pdf; or via Amazon.

Poetics@, ed. Joel Kuszai: EPC Library epub edition

Poetics List book from Roof, 1999

conversations from the first years of the Poetics List
Edited by Joel Kuszai
Preface by Charles Bernstein
(Roof Books, 1999)
new from EPC Digital Library
epub (e-book format), mobi (Kindle), pdf

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