Aboriginal literature

When the tea trees are in bloom

Above: ants and honey. Image by Balaram Mahalder, 2011, via Wikimedia Commons.

From the pages of Oceania to the digital troves of Indigenous corporations working today, animals are everywhere in the Australian Aboriginal poetry archive. In many different cultural expressions they are hunted, celebrated, memorialized, loved, and mythologized; they also serve as metaphors for who we are now.

Peter Minter: Feral habitus

Peter Minter is one of the greatest poets I read, and one of the greatest poets I know. I regard him, his conversation, his attention, his criticism, his aesthetics and his ethics as militantly tender, tenderly militant. Minter is uncompromising and committed in the things he makes and does, and his politics are manifest in his making and doing, interfacing variously with discourses and methodologies of an eco-anarchist left.

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