Tyrone Williams, Segue Series reading, 2007

Tyrone Williams read his poems for the Segue Series at the Bowery Poetry Club on December 1, 2007:

  1. Introduction (3:30): MP3
  2. Written By H'Self (1:30): MP3
  3. Cant (0:57): MP3
  4. The Mercantile Library (1:13): MP3
  5. Commentary (0:22): MP3
  6. A Glass of Water at Hand (from "The Lost Weekend") (0:58): MP3
  7. Hand at the End of an Arm (from "The Lost Weekend") (0:36): MP3
  8. Arm Extended Through the Legs (of A) (from "The Lost Weekend") (0:58): MP3
  9. Bar Stool Upside Down on a Bar (From "The Lost Weekend") (1:04): MP3
  10. Square (from "Sunset Boulevard") (1:04): MP3
  11. Way of Washington (from "Sunset Boulevard") (3:21): MP3
  12. Back to the Typewriter By (from "Sunset Boulevard") (1:07): MP3
  13. What Do You Call That Strip of Grass (from "Property Lines Written On An Annex") (1:13): MP3
  14. Between the Curb and the Sidewalk (from "Property Lines") (1:14): MP3
  15. Between the Sidewalk and the House (from "Property Lines") (1:20): MP3
  16. Between the House and the Houses Desired (from "Property Lines") (1:08): MP3
  17. Between the Houses Desired and Another City (from "Property Lines") (1:41): MP3
  18. Between Another City and Their Villages (from "Property Linesx") (0:47): MP3
  19. Between their Villages and the Return of Savannah, Tundra, Desert...? (1:14): MP3

Here is a link to the complete recording: MP3.  Tyrone Williams is the author of a number of chapbooks, including Convalescence (1987); Futures, Elections (2004); Musique Noir (2006); and Pink Tie (2011), among others. His full-length collections of poetry include c.c. (2002), On Spec (2008), The Hero Project (2009), Adventures of Pi (2011), and Howell (2011).