Michael Palmer in 1990

Michael Palmer spent a few days in Buffalo in 1990 and — in a lecture and in a class discussion — spoke on a great range of topics. For the full context of these segmented recordings, and for links to full recordings of the lecture and the discussion, go to PennSound's Michael Palmer page.

[] poetic identity in Russia (1:59): MP3
[] shortcomings of conservative academic feminist criticism (2:34): MP3
[] the uneasy pleasure of Salgado’s photographs and aestheticization (8:50): MP3
[] the dilemma of the sublime (4:51): MP3
[] the sublime in a post-Holocaust world and Paul Celan’s Meridian address (4:58): MP3
[] Kabbalistic thought and poetry that plays with letter and number (10:48): MP3
[] formal exploration, rhythm and recurrence in Palmer’s Notes for Echo Lake (12:00): MP3
[] the indirectness of poetry as intervention & the return of poetry during moments of upheaval (4:53): MP3
[] sound and silence (4:13): MP3
[] the unconscious recurrence of images and speech in Palmer's work (9:53): MP3
[] symbolic logic, language philosophy, and reading Wittgenstein (6:07): MP3
[] the musicality of recurrence and the decay of the word uttered (3:59): MP3
[] the “meaning” of the poem and the problem of intention (8:20): MP3
[] the function of poetry (4:00): MP3
[] Jackson MacLow and locating intention (3:45): MP3
[] poetic activity as it exists in the margins (6:25): MP3
[] images of elsewhere in the work of Sebastio Salgado (4:25): MP3
[] Paul Celan's struggle against representation (5:24): MP3
[] the historical and social dimensions of hermetic speech (1:21): MP3
[] double texts (4:12): MP3
[] tensions in Zukofsky’s “A” (3:14): MP3
[] “X/Self” by Edward Kamau Brathwaite and Caribbean anti-colonial thought (1:52): MP3
[] the arbitrariness of orthodoxy, new poetry, and Pound and Eliot's bigotry (2:06): MP3
[] Ron Silliman's The Alphabet and representing urban social space (5:21): MP3
[] Susan Howe's interrogation of the first person subject (7:29): MP3
[] poetry in Leningrad (6:12): MP3