Marcella Durand's PennSound picks

Marcella Durand’s favorites.  During the summer of 2010 we announced that Marcella Durand would be the 2010-2011 CPCW Fellow in Poetics and Poetic Practice at Penn, and then indeed she taught a course entitled “Poetry & Poetics: The Ecology of Poetry” at the Kelly Writers House. We asked Marcella to choose some of her favorite recordings from the PennSound archives for our Featured Resources list (which you can see in our site’s lower left sidebar), and we’re pleased to share her wonderful picks. She tells us that while she had a lot of fun rummaging through the site, it was very difficult narrowing things down to a final eleven. Marcella’s selections span nearly a century, from Guillaume Apollinaire’s 1913 recording of “Le Pont Mirabeau” to Fred Moten’s “Fugitivity is imminent to the thing but is manifest transversely” from a 2008 reading at the Kelly Writers House, and in between you’ll find gems from Lorine Niedecker, Bernadette Mayer, John Ashbery, Brenda Coultas and Will Alexander, among others. Here’s her complete list:

When you’re done enjoying her picks, don’t forget to check out Marcella's own PennSound author page, where you’ll find a wide array of readings, tributes, and discussions, including several Segue Series sets and two recent PoemTalk podcasts.