Linh Dinh and the politics of food


PoemTalk #51, released in March of 2012, featured our discussion of Linh Dinh's poem “Eating Fried Chicken.”  Here Dinh playfully and bitterly engages food, war, and race. The poem appeared in his book American Tatts, published by Chax in 2005. For PoemTalk’s 51st episode, Thomas Devaney, Susan Schultz (visiting from Hawai'i), and Leonard Schwartz (visiting from Olympia, Washington) joined Al Filreis to talk about this work of apparently straightforward address yet tonal complexity. <--break- />Dinh’s PennSound page includes several performances of “Eating Fried Chicken.” The recording we used was made during an extensive “Studio 111” reading in Philadelphia in December of 2007. [READ MORE]