Kristin Dykstra

Kristin Dykstra’s translations and critical introductions will be featured in three bilingual editions of contemporary Cuban poetry forthcoming from the University of Alabama Press: Other Letters to Milena, by Reina María Rodríguez; Breach of Trust, by Ángel Escobar; and The Counterpunch (And Other Horizontal Poems), by Juan Carlos Flores. She received a 2012 NEA Fellowship for Literary Translation to complete the collection Catch and Release, by Rodríguez (Cuba). Dykstra previously translated several books of poetry from Cuba, including works by Omar Pérez and Rodríguez. She coedits Mandorla: New Writing from the Americas with Roberto Tejada and Gabriel Bernal Granados and is professor of English at Illinois State University. She is on leave from ISU for the F2013–S2014 cycle, during which time she is Scholar in Residence at St. Michaels College of Vermont.