Joanne Kyger, Robert Creeley, Greg Hewlett

Joanne Kyger in conversation with Robert Creeley and Greg Hewlett, June 19, 1972

  1. performing poetry (14:03): MP3
  2. the mediums of print and tape (3:38): MP3
  3. space, linearity and puns in poetry (7:32): MP3
  4. Gertrude Stein's influence (4:38): MP3
  5. stories (6:16): MP3
  6. the format of poetry readings (7:50): MP3
  7. voice (10:48): MP3
  8. bookmaking (3:33): MP3
  9. accessibility (1:48): MP3
  10. listening to recordings of music vs. poetry (2:01): MP3
  11. intention in poetry (7:32): MP3
  12. being attentive to the page and the act of writing (9:04): MP3
  13. Keats and neurological change, Olson and stabilized schizophrenia (5:11): MP3

The photo used above is by Elsa Dorfman. Visit PennSound’s Joanne Kyger author page for many more recordings. The 1972 recording featured here was recorded by Robert Creeley and made available to PennSound by Will Creeley. The complete recording of the discussion — all of the above in one sound file - is here: MP3.