Hold your breath and gag

PoemTalk on Jaap Blonk.  We look back at the sixth episode of the PoemTalk series, which currently boasts 70 shows. This one features Kenneth Goldsmith, Tracie Morris, and Joshua Schuster discussing a performance by Jaap Blonk, who mouths the phrase “what the president will say and do” repeatedly while creating increasing oral distortions. At the time of the release of this episode, producer and host Al Filreis observed the following about the discussion: “Tracie hears patriotic marching in the percussive deformation of the sound of the words (and specifically hears Sousa). Josh hears resonances with presidential politics (to which Tracie adds that she also hears chickens). That leads Josh and me to take some advantage of an apparent split in the soundy camp between the overtly political music poet (Tracie) and the pleasure-seeking, all-words-are-already-political gatherer of verbal ambience (Kenny). The political/aesthetic binarism collapses rather quickly, but it’s fun (and edifying) while it lasts.”