Helen Adam on Pacifica Radio, 1977-78

Helen Adam on Susan Howe’s Pacifica Radio Program, 1977-1978, performing her work, and in conversation with Susan Howe and Charles Ruas:

  1. Ballad of the Hawthorn Bower (4:20): MP3
  2. introduction (1:03): MP3
  3. on her childhood in Scotland (8:39): MP3
  4. on moving to San Francisco, "San Francisco's Burning," and writing ballads aloud (6:28): MP3
  5. In and Out of the Horn-Beam Maze (5:38): MP3
  6. on her favorite painters (2:17): MP3
  7. on Allen Ginsberg, Jack Spicer, Open Space, and the atmosphere of San Francisco (4:11): MP3
  8. At the Window (1:12): MP3
  9. on gothic romances, magic, and the relationship between love and death (5:44): MP3
  10. on Henry VIII's wives and ruthlessness (2:24): MP3
  11. The Fair Young Wife (6:08): MP3
  12. on madness, the Elizabethan era, and reincarnation (3:02): MP3
  13. on Yeats, George MacDonald, and Robert Duncan (6:55): MP3
  14. A Walk in the Wind (1:42): MP3