Grenier on the colors of handwriting

During a conversation with Robert Grenier and Stephen Radcliffe, hosted by Julia Bloch, at the Kelly Writers House, April 9, 2013, Robert Grenier is asked by Ron Silliman to explain his use of colored ink in the making of his handwritten hard-to-decipher notebook pages. To watch the complete event, go to . Over the past forty years, Grenier has constantly pushed poetry into new frontiers of practice and utterance. His handwritten poems, produced in the last decade, cross the upper limit of inscription to be both writing and drawing. His works include Sentences (1978, Whale Cloth Press), Series (1978, This Press), Oakland (1980, Tuumba Press), A Day At The Beach (1984, Roof Books), Phantom Anthems (1986, O Books), and OWL/ON/BOU/GH (1997, Post-Apollo).