Emily Dickinson in 1979

Emily Dickinson, 1979

A celebration of Emily Dickinson to mark her birthday, held at St. Mark's Church, sponsored by the Poetry Project, on December 10, 1979. Linked names of poets indicate a PennSound author page.

  • introduction (3:23): MP3
  • Jan Heller Levi (4:41): MP3
  • Charles Bernstein (5:49): MP3
  • Susan Lightus (2:32): MP3
  • Charles Doria (2:35): MP3
  • Virginia Terrace (3:02): MP3
  • Barbara Guest (8:22): MP3
  • Madeleine Keller and Vicki Hudspith (5:41): MP3
  • Armand Schwerner (04:05): MP3
  • Karen Edwards (00:57): MP3
  • Jackson Mac Low (03:51): MP3
  • Maureen Owen (10:07): MP3
  • Susan Howe (7:11): MP3
  • Jay Leyda and Q&A (29:57): MP3

    complete Recording, Part 1 (48:40): MP3
    complete Recording, Part 2 (48:20): MP3

    These recordings are from the Maureen Owen Collection of Greenwich Village Poetry, at the Yale Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The editors of PennSound and Jacket2 are grateful to the staff of the Beinecke and to Maureen Owen for making these recordings available.

    Above, from left to right: Jay Leyda, Barbara Guest, Armand Schwerner, and Emily Dickinson.