Emily Abendroth

Emily Abendroth reads her poems as part of the Emergency Reading series at the Kelly Writers House on November 6th, 2008; the series has been organized by Michelle Taransky, who writes that “Abendroth’s work gives the mouth and mind a workout. Hers is a poetry that puts language through its paces, puncturing the prosaic and splitting the crags. Language knows itself as shutter and flash. Lavish luster, agitated froths.” The Emergency series later presented PennSound with an audio-only recording of the reading in addition to the video. 

Emily Abendroth elsewhere in PennSound: She joined several other poets for a PoemTalk discussion of Jena Osman’s “Dropping Leaflets” — PoemTalk’s thirty-seventh episode. Her earlier involvement with PoemTalk dates back to the seventeenth show in that series — a discussion of Rodrigo Toscano. In May 2012, she spoke at the book launch for Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground, and Beyond, by David Gilbert, and this brief introduction was captured in a short video. In PennSound’s archive one can also find video and audio recordings of Abendroth speaking on a panel called “Speed Youth Mourning” as part of the conference held in September 2009 called “Advancing Feminist Poetics and Activism.” She was joined there by Tonya Foster, Kythe Heller, Kristin Prevallet, Michelle Taransky, and Jennifer Scappettone.