Duncan at Harvard in 1977

Robert Duncan at Harvard in 1977

PennSound’s ongoing collaboration with the Woodberry Poetry Room — which has yielded recordings of Wallace Stevens and oral history materials on Charles Olson among others — has also brought us a reading given by Robert Duncan at Harvard in 1977.  Here is a link to the entire reading, and below are excerpts:

  1. My Soul Was as if Free (from "Dante Etudes") (3:59): MP3
  2. Nor Dream in Your Hearts ("Dante Etudes") (1:20): MP3
  3. For the Sea is God's ("Dante Etudes") (1:52): MP3
  4. Where the Fox of This Stench Sulks ("Dante Etudes") (3:34): MP3
  5. In Truth Does She Breathe Out Poisonous Fumes ("Dante Etudes") (1:36): MP3
  6. Then Many a One Sang ("Dante Etudes") (1:23): MP3
  7. In My Youth Not Unstained ("Dante Etudes") (1:49): MP3
  8. And a Wisdom as Such ("Dante Etudes") (1:24): MP3
  9. Of Memory (from "Four Supplementary Etudes") (3:23): MP3
  10. Hers ("Four Supplementary Etudes") (0:58): MP3
  11. I Too Trembling ("Four Supplementary Etudes") (1:11): MP3
  12. In the South (from "An Alternate Life") (9:39): MP3

Many thanks to Christina Davis.