Creeley at Buffalo 1990

Robert Creeley, “Walking the Dog” Lecture Series on Poetics at SUNY-Buffalo, October 15, 1990

  1. on jazz music and prosody in relation to a cluster of Beat and Black Mountain poets (3:23): MP3
  2. on Clark Coolidge, Michael Palmer, periodicity, and classic metrics (3:41): MP3
  3. on correspondence with Irving Layton on Robert Graves (14:02): MP3
  4. on Thomas Campion, weight and duration of syllables, and Michael Palmer's commentary in Code of Signals (5:31): MP3
  5. on Robert Lowell, open verse, and Campion's "Follow Thy Fair Sun" (5:48): MP3
  6. on rhythm in William Carlos Williams's "The World Narrowed to a Point" (3:37): MP3
  7. on Gertrude Stein and Ron Silliman's The New Sentence (8:23): MP3
  8. on Michael Palmer's commentary on Clark Coolidge's "A Note on Bop" (7:35): MP3
  9. on Robert Graves' thoughts on his contemporaries (5:02): MP3
  10. on aural vs. visual experiences of poetry and Louis Zukofsky (2:36): MP3
  11. reads William Carlos Williams's "The Dance" (1:07): MP3
  12. reads WCW's "Burning the Christmas Greens" (5:38): MP3
  13. reads WCW's "History of Love" (0:30): MP3
  14. reads WCW's "When Structure Fails Rhyme Attempts to Come to the Rescue" (2:05): MP3
  15. reads WCW's "The Birth of Venus" (3:04): MP3
  16. reads WCW's "The Seafarer" (1:32): MP3
  17. reads WCW's "The Dish of Fruit" (0:19): MP3
  18. reads WCW's "The Act" (1:26): MP3
  19. reads WCW's "Lear" (1:33): MP3
  20. on Donald Wessling's The Scissors of Meter: Grammetrics and Reading (1:55): MP3
  21. on Ron Silliman, the sentence, and ordered authority in syntax (16:52): MP3
  22. reads and discusses Emily Dickinson's "My Life had stood -- a Loaded Gun" (0:57): MP3