Charlie Morrow

Charlie Morrow performed at the Kelly Writers House on October 8, 2012. Here is the complete video recording, and here (below) are the segments of the audio recording followed by a link to the whole audio.

  1. introduction (5:45): MP3
  2. on archiving and sound poetry (6:18): MP3
  3. The Greeting Piece (1:49): MP3
  4. a piece bridging between chanting, scat singing, and talking in tongues (1:36): MP3
  5. Counting to Ten (3:29): MP3
  6. from Book of Numbers (5:18): MP3
  7. listening to the language of other creatures (8:02): MP3
  8. Who Knows (0:16): MP3
  9. Spells (4:11): MP3
  10. from Moving My Vowels (6:25): MP3
  11. Q&A Discussion (22:09): MP3

complete recording (1:06:52): MP3

Charlie Morrow is an American sound artist, composer, conceptualist, and performer whose work connects leading edge ideas and technologies with archaic and shamanistic practices. His numerous projects have included chanting and healing works, museum and gallery installations, large-scale festival events, radio and TV broadcasts, film soundtracks, commercial sound design and advertising jingles.