Caryl Pagel and Paul Legault

The Whenever We Feel Like It Reading Series is put on by Committee of Vigilance members Michelle Taransky and Emily Pettit. This is a video recording of the November 28, 2012, reading given by Caryl Pagel and Paul Legault. Caryl Pagel is the author of Experiments I Should Like Tried At My Own Death, a collection of poetry published by Factory Hollow Press. Her poems and essays have appeared in AGNI, Devil's Lake, Jacket2, and Thermos, among other journals. She is the co-founder and editor of Rescue Press and a poetry editor at jubilat. Paul Legault is the co-founder of the translation press Telephone Books and the author of three books of poetry: The Madeleine Poems (Omnidawn, 2010), The Other Poems (Fence, 2011), and The Emily Dickinson Reader (McSweeney's, 2012). The audio recording of the event can be heard here.