Bob Perelman's "The Alps"

Bob Perelman’s play The Alps is a psychological fairy tale of desire, fame, love, and power. A 98-pound weakling of a narrator eventually takes the overdeveloped plot, which includes the rise and fall of a literary pedant, a student with no use for books, scenes of pastoral love, and Freud’s problematic sex life.  The Kelly Writers House hosted a production of the play by Sarah Arkebauer and Michelle Taransky. At the time of this rare performance of the play, in April of 2010, the producers wrote: “Poets Theatre defies the boundaries of genre. Our production of The Alps marks the release of an important new reference for students of postwar American poetry and avant-garde theater. The Kenning Anthology of Poet's Theater: 1945-1985 (2010, Kenning), edited by Kevin Killian and David Brazil, is a collection of poets theater classics, rarities long out of print, and texts from unpublished manuscripts and archives.” The complete performance took 30 minutes; an audio recording is available here. This 7-minute video excerpt was edited by Allison Harris.