Anselm Hollo

Anselm Hollo, photo by Charles Bernstein (2007)

Anselm Hollo’s PennSound page consists of four readings, one each from 2001, 1999, 1991, and a vintage recording (made sometime between 1969 and 1980) of a brief reading from The Empress Hotel Poems.  In helping to memorialize the poet, we at PennSound have segmented each of these readings. Here we present the poems he read in Boulder on January 18, 2001. But Jacket2 readers are urged to visit his PennSound author page for more.

  1. introduction (2:25): MP3
  2. Window by Gregory Corso (4:32): MP3
  3. My Hands Are a City by Gregory Corso (1:25): MP3
  4. old "red" years now quite forever over? (1:30): MP3
  5. Guten Tag Herr Schopenhauer Bonjour Monsieur Cioran (0:56): MP3
  6. cannon goes boom boom canon goes round and round (0:44): MP3
  7. walking down oldtime hotel lobby corridor (0:51): MP3
  8. "Successions of words so agreeable" (0:39): MP3
  9. & should I buy this Scientific American (0:39): MP3
  10. My first computer (0:34): MP3
  11. Glazed with alcohol, old sailor (0:56): MP3
  12. So the Ants Made It to the Cat Food (0:49): MP3
  13. Traveling into the past on the Internet (0:48): MP3
  14. Tracking down some of the (now unreadable) books of my youth (1:42): MP3
  15. What's current? I mean misheard? (0:59): MP3
  16. from up there on the ridge (0:52): MP3
  17. riding the thermals all the time BORING (0:37): MP3
  18. All of last year's farewells (1:00): MP3